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Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway

Restoring Buderim’s Railway Heritage

The Buderim – Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc.

There was a train on Buderim?

Many people are surprised to hear of the Buderim railway which ran from Palmwoods right into the heart of the Buderim Mountain Township.

The relentless scythe of development has all but removed vestigial  evidence of the railway, but the truth is: the Buderim to Palmwoods Tramway was a key point in the development of Buderim’s fame as Brisbane’s fruit basket and for promotion of tourism on the Sunshine Coast. It is not too big a statement to say the Buderim Mountain trains opened up the Sunshine Coast for daytrippers,  holiday-makers and ultimately urban development.

There were two trains running the line between 1914 and 1935. The Krauss and Shay locomotives pulled produce and people from the mainline at Palmwoods station, winding its way via Chevallum, Forest Glen and Mons, to the Buderim Terminus, close to where the Buderim Pool is now on Lindsay Road. 

Early trails were terrible

Roads were poor and transport to Woombye – the main centre of that time – relied on horses, wagons and bullocks. Shipping services through rivers and creeks to Maroochy ports, with sandbar problems, was a variable which threatened perishable produce.

There was a great need for effective and reliable transport to the main Queensland Rail train line and thus access to the Brisbane markets. Hence the Buderim to Palmwoods Tramway was developed using a unique small guage track which is of great interest to modern day rail enthusiasts.


Saved from scrap

The line finally succumbed to the road transport as the Coast was opened up and ran its last journey in 1935.

The two trains suffered separate fates, the Shay being scrapped and the Krauss relegated to sugarcane tram duties before it too was sent off for scrap. In 1967 the Krauss was saved by an enthusiast and sat for a good many years in private hands.

Help bring the Little Train that helped build Buderim, back home to the Mountain.

Join the BPHT inc and help with projects of historical importance to Buderim.

Who gets involved?
Everyone who loves heritage, history and rail buffs, share your passion and join in the work to preserve the trails and return the Krauss to Buderim Terminus.

Walking down Buderim History!

The Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc was formed in 2003 following foundation work done by the Buderim Historical Society over the preceding ten or so years. It consists of a group of volunteers working on two major projects.

The first project was the development of part of the old track off Mons Road, as a heritage walking trail.

Since this project, another walk was designed to lead you through Buderim Mountain Village to see the places where the tramway ran. The brochure/map can be downloaded for this walk, below.

Recovering the Krauss for Buderim

Around 20 years ago, the BPHT inc took on the task of securing the Krauss locomotive from the owner, with the view to restore this historic touchstone of Buderim’s past and bring it back to the heart of Buderim Mountain.

Buderim Train

Restoration of the Krauss is finished but not yet ’round the final curve

The restoration of the Krauss is complete and yet, despite the hardwork and passion of local enthusiasts, the little train that helped build Buderim has been left to languish out of public sight, due to politics and a lack of vision by some in power, who do not recognise its value to the Buderim community and its importance as a historic artefact.

The Krauss belongs back on the Mountain, as a shared public treasure, the benefits for tourism and education are enormous. The BPHTi live in hope, that the Sunshine Coast Council representatives will join them in a bigger vision for the history of the Buderim Community and to recognise the passion of the many who share it.

We acknowledge Dave from Ozrevenues for the Buderim parcel stamps images in the video.

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