Krauss Locomotive Relocation

Project Update

  • The project is currently being managed (without funding) by the BPHTI and council’s Landscape and Urban Design Unit
  • Design development is currently being undertaken by Buderim Design Studios engaged by BPHTI and funded by private donations
  • Council staff met with the BPHTI on 8th February 2013 to discuss the project status and to agree on the best way forward

Key actions required from the meeting included:

§  BPHTI to provide council with design drawings with a level of design development and detail to be able to assess against the Krauss Locomotive Design Report October 2012.

§  whole of life costing for council to assess the ongoing resources required to maintain the asset

  • attached design drawings have been supplied to council but require more detail that specifically addresses material specification, landscaped surroundings and associated park infrastructure.
  • Council has confirmed that the Krauss Locomotive belongs to the BPHTI group and is not a council asset
  • whole of life costing have not been provided by the BPHTI or their design consultant

Way Forward

  • The project will require a significant capital outlay and ongoing maintenance costs
  • BPHTI is liaising with Community Services to identify internal and external grant opportunities
  • Council has openly maintained the position that the project will require external funding streams. Given current capital works budget contraction, the project would be unlikely to receive capital works funding.
  • BPHTI has advised that revised drawings have been provided to DTMR for approval
  • Council will require the BPHTI to provide more detail in the drawings and accurate whole of life costs to be able to assess the viability of the proposal
  • Upon submitting drawings and associated costing in accordance with the Krauss Locomotive Display – Design Report, an MOU will be drafted that outlines the roles and responsibilities of council and the BPHTI in the management of the display
  • It has been recommended to BPHTI that they apply for a council grant (can apply for up to $50,000 for capital works) to assist them with the co-contribution money that will be necessary if they apply for a Jupiters or Community Benefit Grant. (This is of course dependent on council approving the Community Grants program to re-commence in the next financial year.)
  • Council Officers will draft a report to council requesting endorsement of the proposal including a draft MOU, design drawings, whole of life costing.