BWMCA Buderim War Memorial Community AssociationThe Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA)

This is a remarkable community organisation, over 60 years strong, which transformed the general community of Buderim and galvanised the spirit which has made this place such a desirable place to call home for so many.

At the end of Second World War, Buderim’s community was gravely affected, like so many small towns across Australia.  What made this community different was a ground-breaking decision for no stone monument to be raised in the town centre, but to create a living monument to the sacrifice of our Diggers.

The Buderim Community Association (later changed to the Buderim War Memorial Community Association) was born, bringing the efforts of special interest groups across Buderim together in celebration of hard-won freedom.  This way, the Buderim Community helped returned soldiers and bestows a real, personalised honour, on our Service-men and Service-women.

The BWMCA is entirely volunteer based and these days draws from the ranks of passionate Buderim residents, who want to maintain the spirit of active community and preserve Buderim’s unique community pride and amenity for future generations.

The headquarters of the BWMCA is the Old Post Office building at the end of Burnett Street. This building was purchased by community effort for the BWMCA. The web site for the BWMCA is At their site you can learn more about this amazing organisation and the Buderim community in general.

The BWMCA is non-political and seeks to improve and preserve the best parts of Buderim life.  They do this by maintaining fellowship and active participation between its affiliates. The affiliates are special interest and sporting groups who have listed themselves as part of the community management team.

Beyond the activities of the affiliates are many committees, which are formed to run special events on Buderim such as, Australia Day Parade, ANZAC Day Parade, Buderim Street Party, Carols by Candlelight and more. The BWMCA is responsible for “Welcome to Buderim” events every 6 weeks or so, where new residents can come along and meet their council representatives and score a free Buderim Welcome goodies pack, loaded with information on Buderim’s sporting, special interest and community groups. If you are new to Buderim, call into the OPO and register for the next event.

If you want to preserve the Buderim community spirit, this is the organisation in which you must be a member and/or actively involved.


Check it out, visit the web site and pop into the OPO in Burnett Street to discover the best of Buderim and maybe even see what you can do to a part of your vibrant community.

The Old Post Office (OPO)