Buderim Village Park

This park is a new addition to the scenic attractions of Buderim, set on the intersection of Gloucester Road and King Street.

A substantial area has been set aside by Council to be a green space for all the people of Buderim. From the entrance at the street intersection, wide paths meander through grassy stretches, bordered in places by ferny gardens, trees and Buderim volcanic rock.





Moving east across the upper area of the Buderim Village Park, you will see magnificent views of the coast line. Large cargo boats pepper the blue Pacific in the distance while the Coast’s suburban sprawl stretches south to Caloundra and Little Mountain. Eventually you reach a stand of old pine trees with lovely benches, from which you can admire the vista.

Walk to the southern side of the park and you will observe huge fig trees with roots bound about large basalt mounds, the path curves and winds its way back to the entry area.

Buderim Village Park still has a far way to go to before it is finished and the trees and gardens mature. The vision for the future is shown on notice boards at the park, but it is clear to everyone, that this will be a great space for community.

Go and take the time to see Buderim Village Park for yourself today.




Buderim Village Park