Beach Life and Buderim

OK . . . so the notion of a Buderim Surf Club is a bit of fun, as Buderim is mostly over 500 feet above sea level.

However, you only need to drive east for around 10 minutes, to find yourself standing on some of the world’s best beaches. Right here on Queensland’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast. The beaches, so close to the Buderim escarpment, are the perfect places for swimming, surfing, playing and make a wonderfully natural place for a wedding ceremony.

Here’s a note for our Coast’s visitors: Please swim on patrolled beaches, between the flags and always act as directed by the Surf Livesavers. The water is beautiful but can be treacherous with dumping waves, hidden riptides and sweeps that can drag you out, so make sure you stay safe.

Check the location of the beaches using our map below.