Buderim Sights and Secrets

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Around Buderim there are many beautiful spots, some secluded and some more accessible.

From the famous the Buderim Falls and rainforest walking trails to heritage sites, you will find them all here.

Buderim is the region’s oldest established settlement and there are a fair amount of cultural and heritage relics here to discover.

Click the images below, you will find information, maps and perhaps video to help you locate and familiarise yourself.

Photos so marked are courtesy of the very talented Photographer Steve Bass. Contact him on 0407 138 026 or visit Steve Bass Photography online

Buderim wirreanda park

Wirreandah Park on Kings Street Buderim. The splendid stand of Weeping Figs was once a laneway leading to an old farmhouse, but that was a century ago. Now they stand as a striking vestige of Buderim’s farming heritage. See these and more using the menu links at the right side of this page.