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The Buderim Scout Group

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The scouts have operated on Buderim for about 60 years and were one of the first in the State of Queensland.

The Den was built by the scouts and their fathers on land donated for that purpose beside Martins Creek, at the top of Lindsay Road.

It is not too big a statement to say that the Buderim Scouts is the most significant youth organisation on the Mountain outside of the school. The groups meet each week and learn a mix of traditional and modern scouting skills, plus they attend regular camps both at the Den, Lake MacDonald, Rocky Creek (near Landsborough) and elsewhere.


The biggest and most consistent need in the Buderim Scouts is for new leaders.

Put your hand up! You will be fully trained by the Australian Scouting Movement at no cost to yourself. So if there is no place for your child, why not take on a leader’s role and create a group for them?

The Various represented groups are:

Joeys – info upon request
Cubs – meet Mondays 5.45 – 7.15pm
Scouts meet Tuesday 6- 8pm
Venturers  meet Wednesday 6.30 – 8.30pm
Rovers meet Monday’s – info upon request 

The Club the Community Saved!

The Buderim Scouts are built on community volunteers and indeed it was the community who saved them from oblivion.

You see the Club happily operating now, as the second oldest Scouting Club on the Sunshine Coast, but it came very close to ending!

In 2006, around a year after they celebrated the 50th Anniversary, there was a call to close the Den. The story is complex but the short of it is . . . A local party had organised a WHS building audit and the report was less-than-good!  Other interests with eyes on the land for alternative purposes, seized upon this report and wanted the Group moved to Maroochydore. The scouting families involved, were not taking it lying down and let everyone know it!

The old Den was built in the 1970’s by Scout leaders and Scouting families, but by the new century, it was suffering from the ravages of time and was not compliant with modern building safety codes. The Parent’s Group under the leadership of Karen Chellingworth, took it upon themselves to bring the Den up to scratch. The working committee was lead by Merv Elliot, who showed real leadership, bringing teams of locals together to rebuild, repair the facilities where required.

Following a story in a local paper,  there was massive outpouring of support from the community. This showed just how much value the people of Buderim placed on the Scout Den in Lindsay Road.

In addition to the serious amount of man-hours made available by parents and friends, they received donations of cash to buy paint and the required security locks etc. The broken old front fence was replaced with a powder coated beauty, thanks to Suncoast Fencing.

The Den was made compliant to modern standards and suitable for Scout sleepovers and is available for hire to other groups.

This is the power of real community spirit and something we treasure on Buderim.