Buying, Selling and Renting homes in Buderim – local real estate.

A legendary survey of British Airways staff once named Buderim as the third most desirable place to retire and live after Paris and Aspen.

Real Estate agents will whip that out whenever they talk to a newcomer looking to put down roots in Buderim. However! Modern Buderim is no longer a retiree paradise, but (according to 2011 census figures) it is the Sunshine Coast centre, that has the most couples with children.

People move to Buderim and fall in love with the place and the community. Those who grow up and move away, will talk with glassy eyes, recalling memories of their time at the Buderim Mountain School and how much they love the place.

The homes of Buderim are as different as the area which is now described as “Buderim Real Estate”. Once the area across the plateau was seen as Buderim, now the urbanisation has seen areas down all escarpments and on the flat land at the foot of the mountain, considered to be Buderim.

On top of Buderim Mountain, the air is cooler in Summer than the western slopes and surrounding suburbs despite being only 183 metres from the sea level at the highest point. Homes with a view afford a real premium and homes within walking distance to the Buderim Village and the Buderim Mountain School are in high demand. There are still many homes with larger blocks available “on top” but there is a lot of pressure to build duplex and unit developments to accommodate the demand for the Buderim life.


Here are few statistics on the Buderim region to help you understand the area, if you wish to settle in this special part of the Coast.

Geographical & Climate Information

  • The highest point of Buderim is 183 metres above sea level
  • Buderim also includes the suburbs of Forest Glen, Kunda Park, Mons, Mountain Creek, Sippy Downs and Tanawha
  • The total area of Buderim is around 62 square kilometres
  • The long term average temp is 26.9 degrees and the lowest temp on record is 5.7 degrees

Demographic Information

  • The population was last recorded in 2011 as being 39,758 persons
  • 93.7% of the labour force are employed with the most reported occupation being professionals
  • The most commonly reported household income is between $1500 – $19999 a week
  • The most dominant household size is 2 persons
  • 27.7% of households pay mortgage repayments of $2,600 or more a month

Property Information

  • Detached houses make up almost 80% of all dwelling types
  • Median property price is $532,500 with the average price for a two bedroom $529,000 and a four bedroom $545,000
  • Median weekly rent price is $480 with $330 per week on average for a two bedroom and $520 per week for a four bedroom
  • Each property for sale will get an average of 43 visits

Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011,