Buderim Muscle

Buderim Muscle – lending a hand

There comes a time when you want to give back to your community, after all, it provides a safe place for your family, gives you fun events to attend, nurtures your sense of belonging and . . . well it just makes life better.

BUT . . . When you don’t have time to join a committee or run an event, how can you still participate in your community in a meaningful way?

 The answer is Buderim Muscle!

Running events on Buderim requires a lot of hands . . . strong hands! Most of the people who run the events are older, they have more time on their hands, but they don’t have the fitness or stamina of a younger generation. So if you can commit just a small time, say as little as an hour a year to help, this is the way you can be part of your community pride in a meaningful and yet not too time-taxing way.

Here’s the deal . . .  just put your name down on the roster. When they need someone to help say, stack some chairs at the ANZAC Ceremony, put signs up for Australia Day or help put up tents for the Carols by Candlelight. Then they will call and check your availability and if you can lend a hand for even a short time, you will be doing something great for your community.

Come on, lend a hand in your community and keep time for yourself – it’s easy

Get on the roster, use the contact form and make a difference.