How to spot a True Buderim Local.

So you just moved to Buderim and want to fit in like a local? That is great! The amazing sea-change and tree-change phenomenon has seen the population of Buderim swell enormously since the turn of the century. There is a real risk of Buderim losing its friendly community aspect. Ask yourself why you moved here? If it because of the community elements of Buderim, you will find this interesting, if not then you may not 🙂

On this page we will give you a few tips, which will help you to get the best out of the Buderim lifestyle.

1. Buderim Locals know their neighbours

Buderim locals are friendly people who know their neighbours. Hang over the fence and say g’day. Sadly, lots of people who move to Buderim, whack up a giant fence as first order of business, not conducive to being neighbourly . . . besides, you miss out on the lovely mountain-top breeze!

2. Buderim Locals greet each other on a walk

Remember the old days when you said Good morning! to people as you passed on the footpath? Well has been the Buderim way for a long time and you have to ask yourself, is this the way it should be in the 21st Century? When you are out getting your early morning constitutional and you walk past someone, don’t stick your head down, why not give them a nod and say “Hi”. It’s easy and makes for a more pleasant walk.

3. Buderim Locals know NOT to reverse parallel park in Burnett Street

In many of the parks, there is an extra yellow zone between the parking spaces. This allows you to park by just turning straight in, with minimum interruption to the flow. GENIUS! So you can avoid holding up the traffic.

4. Buderim Locals don’t cross the double lines in Burnett street

Best way to infuriate everyone is to ignorantly hold up the traffic so you can turn across the double white lines in Burnett Street. Yes, it is so tempting to just nip across into the carpark at the CBA but . . . The idea is, you drive to the roundabout and reverse direction, it’s not very hard and will only add 30 or so seconds to your trip. I know this seems a lot when you are in a hurry, but you may spend that much time waiting for a break in the traffic anyway. Plus the local Boys in Blue will slap you with a big fine, because they are watching 🙂

 5. Buderim Locals know what BWMCA stands for.

This place is privileged to have an extraordinary volunteer organisation, which is at the heart of the community spirit of Buderim. The Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA) is the “living memorial” to our fallen diggers and all who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom. There is no stone cenotaph in Buderim, the locals decided to create an organisation which would maintain the spirit of community through volunteer effort. The BWMCA runs major events on Buderim including Australia Day, ANZAC and Christmas celebrations. The BWMCA is a type of umbrella organisation for introducing new people to Buderim and facilitating special interest groups.  The BWMCA needs volunteers, able people with skills in organisation and others who want to help make this place great. Read more about the BWMCA on the site here 

 6. Buderim Locals avoid driving across Buderim at School times

The traffic really pumps when kids are being dropped off or picked up from Buderim Mountain School. Take a tip, avoid using the Buderim Village as a thoroughfare at these times.

7. On Buderim and In Buderim – know the difference?

The traditional Buderim is the area across the top of the plateau, this is known as being “on” Buderim. In the past, this has been generally regarded as being the “real” Buderim and a little upmarket.

Real estate marketing being what it is, has seen many areas included as Buderim, which nobody 20 years ago, would have considered as Buderim per se. These are known as being “in” Buderim. The area from about Middys up to just past the Tavern is also known as the Buderim Village, to separate it from the general “in Buderim and on Buderim” crowd (just to put a fine point on it).   In other times that was a sticking point for many, but now it is just a bit of fun. If that sounds elitist and a bit special, perhaps you are not living on the top? LOL

 8. Buderim Locals let people into traffic in the Buderim Village.

There were 19,000 traffic movements a day in 2000 through Burnett Street, that has only increased since. So much traffic, mixed with pedestrian movements means there is a real need for courtesy on the road. A true Buderim Local will slow, create a gap and signal a car trying to pull out of a parking space or driveway, to enter the traffic in front of them. Hey, good manners cost nothing and one day you will appreciate the same courtesy. If you don’t get it from a vehicle, they are probably just passing through . . . wish them a fond farewell and smile, happy in the knowledge that they live somewhere else.

 9. Buderim Locals refer friends and family to the Buderim web site

We cannot resist adding this one 🙂
While this is not the first or only site to feature Buderim, this is the definitive “100% Buderim only” web site and definitely the most popular, as recognised by local organisations and residents  The Buderim web site was featured on Channel Seven’s “Great South East” and is number one in the Google search for this term. We are contacted regularly by anyone and everyone to answer Buderim-centric questions. The site is owned by Buderim people who are active in their community organisations and it is not part of a web network business to make “local” web sites for towns including Buderim. We hope you agree and will claim this as your Buderim web site.