flower-smelling-buddyBuderim Garden Festival
13-15 October 2023

Buderim – the beautiful Garden Town of the Sunshine Coast invites you to the  Spring into a blooming great load of fun at the Annual Buderim Garden Festival, in October

The  Buderim Garden Festival is held over a weekend in mid-October , at the Buderim War Memorial Hall, intersection of King and Main Sts., Buderim.

Step into the enchanting world of the Buderim Garden Festival – a vibrant celebration of nature’s beauty, creativity, and community spirit. Nestled in the heart of the stunning Sunshine Coast of Australia, this annual event beckons visitors from near and far to immerse themselves in a captivating fusion of breathtaking gardens, horticultural marvels, and artistic inspiration.



The Buderim Garden Festival showcases the diversity of Buderim gardening styles, nurturing a deep appreciation for the interplay between landscapes, design, and the environment.

The Buderim Garden Festival isn’t just an event – it’s a celebration of growth, renewal, and the bonds that tie us to our Earth. Join us in this immersive journey, where inspiration flourishes, connections are forged, and the splendor of nature reignites our senses. As we embark on this year’s edition of the Buderim Garden Festival, let us be reminded of the profound beauty that surrounds us and the remarkable potential that lies within our hands and hearts.


Tickets go on sale for the Hall Displays and Open Gardens in September. Open garden ticket numbers are limited. If you have a question about the Festival, gardens or flora, email president@buderimgardenclub.com.

Visit their website at https://www.buderimgardenclub.com/

The Garden Festival includes:
The Friday Night Twilight Plant Market, Spring Flower Show, Open Gardens, Weekend Flower Market and St. Marks Church Floral Display

1) The Plant Markets & Spring Flower Show:

On the Friday, from 3 till 7, the Twilight Plant Market is on with great floral ideas from local experts and stalls. Find it in the lawn area between the Buderim Memorial Hall and the Craft Cottage on Main Street.

Meanwhile, Buderim Garden Club members will set up the Hall for the Spring Flower Show!  Entries are encouraged to fill the Memorial Hall with floral decorations, plants, vegetables, hanging baskets, bonsai, cut flowers and novelty arrangements.

Show opening times to the public on Saturday and Sunday are from 8am to 4 pm.

2) Exclusive Open Gardens:

Entry to the Open Gardens is via a Festival Ticket which is available at the Memorial Hall on the Festival weekend,  or pre-sold at the Buderim Old P.O., Bendigo Bank, Buderim Newsagency and Manawee Nursery.

A small cost is associated with a ticket to give access to all the Open Gardens, the Hall and the Plant Market.

A bus is available to move people between the gardens.

The gardens are chosen for their special features and are open all weekend.

3) Quality Plant Market:

The Quality Plant Market  lives up to its name, by presenting a wide variety of plants in excellent condition. Specialist growers and local enthusiasts have established a reputation of  quality in their plants in the past years.

During the weekend, light refreshments will be available at the Memorial hall and the adjacent Craft Cottage.  This Craft Cottage is presenting its own displays during the weekend.

Buderim Garden Club Logo

In 2016, the Buderim Garden Club celebrated 70 years!

So what do they do? Give money to another club of course!  A massive $10,000 was donated to the Friends of Maroochy Regional Botanic Gardens, as part of their commitment to regional beautification. This major donation will be used in the further development of the Children’s Whip Bird Walk in the Gardens.

The Buderim Garden Club has been a donor to the Maroochy Botanic Gardens since their inception and members feel a close bond with these gardens, right on Buderim’s doorstep. The cheque was presented to Friends of MRBBG  Secretary  Bob Ducrou at the May meeting of the Garden Club by Club President Teddy Gove in the presence of over 100 Garden Club members. In thanking the Garden Club for their generous donation, Mr Ducrou said that the money would be used for the further development of the Whip Bird Walk which is a major attraction for children visiting the gardens. Mr Ducrou told the meeting that, when the many man-hours of the Friends’ volunteers were taken into account, the value of the donation would be multiplied many times over.

Picture: Garden Club ex-President Teddy Gove presenting the cheque to Friends of MRBBG Secretary Bob Ducrou.