Buderim Community Spirit

Keeping it alive and well, is up to you!

Much has been written and said about the town of Buderim and its extraordinary community. There is a real sense of belonging to the Mountain and a common desire to live up to its special nature, by those who choose to call Buderim home.

This is very different to the many urban developments which have grown around the Sunshine Coast and is possibly due to the heritage of 150 years of settlement and the succinct geographic boundary created by the plateau of Buderim Mountain. Indeed, as you move down and off the slopes, there is a clear disconnect from the “Buderim Community” as traditionally recognised.

The growing population and development has threatened this spirit. Typically we tend to destroy the very things we love about a place. It happens when too many people ¬†flood in with little affinity for the values of those who have gone before and start “loving it to death”. ūüôā

So if you love Buderim like we do, it is up to you to keep our unique community spirit alive! The good news is . . . there are many ways you can both enjoy and take part in your community. We have listed here a few key ideas so you can get the most and be the most in your community.


All community organisations are lacking volunteers, so don’t just talk about community, be the community!¬†

1. Get involved in The Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA)

This volunteer organisation is “Community Central” for Buderim, created in 1945 as the ultimate “living memorial” to those who fought and died in World War 2. The BWMCA¬†contains¬†various committees which create many of the parades and events in Buderim, such as the Australia Day Celebrations, ANZAC Day ceremonies and Carols by Candlelight.

The headquarters of the BWMCA is in the “Old Post Office”(OPO) in Burnett Street, a building purchased by community effort at the turn of the millennia. Okay there are a lot of elders involved, but this is no “fuddy duddy” group and young people are always welcome. The truth is, retired people tend to have more time to commit and want to give back to their community in a valuable and noble way. That skews the demographic a little, but there are no age restrictions and volunteering gives you a real sense of achievement.


2.¬† “Welcome to Buderim” Events

If you are new here, or just want to learn more about the Buderim community, come to a “Welcome to Buderim” get together, held every 6 weeks or so at the OPO! ¬†

You will receive a special Welcome Pack with goodies and info on local clubs and activities, plus you get to meet the local Councillors and even the State Member face to face.

Everyone is welcome and this is a fundamental way to discover your Buderim Community and all the benefits on offer.

To go to a Welcome to Buderim Event, simply rock up at the OPO and register – or call them on 5477 0945

You will find out the next date and can put your name down.

Oh . . . and it will not cost you one red cent, which is a pleasant surprise in this pay-as-you-go world.