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This is our Buderim, the Village, the Mountain and the Community

Spread across the top of the volcanic plateau and down the escarpment, the famous town on Buderim Mountain has recently celebrated 150 years of community spirit, since settlement in 1862. Buderim is in fact, the oldest established European settlement on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Despite being only 590 feet (180m) above sea level at the highest point and technically under the official height of a mountain, the plateau has been known as Buderim Mountain from the early days. The Public School carries the full title in its name.

Anyone who spends time here will see that Buderim is something special, from the busy CBD of The Buderim Village, to the secret green forest getaways which grace the slopes . . . it is not hard to understand why so many people  fall in love with this place!


What sets this regional centre apart, is the thriving sense of community, driven to a large extent by the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA).

At one stage Buderim was in Queensland’s top four “sea-change” destinations, with urban developments latching onto the name in areas never traditionally considered. To add to the confusion, the local electoral boundaries were reconfigured and the area is also known under the same name, yet it covers an area from the Sunshine Motorway to Rosemount!

There is something different about our town, something which affects visitors and makes them want to be residents. Perhaps it is the tree-lined Buderim Village, the splendid views afforded to many blocks of land on the escarpment, maybe the cooler mountain air . . .

Certainly there is a cultural heritage which comes with being the oldest town on the Sunshine Coast . . .  a heritage of community.

Buderim Mountain is different to ordinary suburbs, not in an elitist way, but more in a caring way. This is demonstrated by the work of our unique Community Association (BWMCA) which is driven by volunteers, the remarkable commitment of the Buderim Lions Club, the heart-felt work of the Crosby family and Team Adem, the focussed enthusiasm of the Buderim Palmwoods Historic Tramway group and so many more.

One thing is for sure, if you join the Buderim community, it will be great if you were involved in a community organisation, because you will set the direction for the future by whatever actions you take.

Buderim’s Unique History

banksiaWhy call it “Buderim”?

The original inhabitant’s used their Gabi Gabi language to call the plateau “Baddaram” (pronounced Ba-Ju-Rum) which literally means “place of the Hairpin Honeysuckle Banksia”.

Despite a couple of derivations such as “Budderum” in the pioneer days, the name was adapted to be Buderim by the early white settlers. The ending of “rim” being preferred to “rum” by the temperance influences of the day.

Buderim, the Coast’s first town!

Buderim was founded in 1860 and is the first settlement on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  The Mountain has seen many changes from rainforest and home of indigenous people, to timber-getter’s resource, farms of sugarcane, coffee, citrus, bananas and ginger . . . finally to subdivision for urban development.

Discover Buderim’s living history, check out the Buderim Historical Society and the Pioneer Cottage!

Old and New – What of the future for Buderim?

Little remains of the old Buderim as unfettered residential and commercial development consumes any available space.

Click  & slide the white line in the split image below to see a comparison. 

Before Image After Image

From Forest to Farms to Today!

The before and after shows a comparison of a famous 1920’s aerial shot to Google Earth Imagery of the same area in recent times. Lindsay Road is carriageway in the foreground. You can just trace the old rail line from the Burnett/Lindsay intersection in both images.

Over the decades, Buderim has been world-famous for timber, coffee, ginger, community and the gateway to Sunshine Coast lifestyle. The pioneers of Buderim helped open up the Sunshine Coast and founded  legends that are still spoken of today.

Discover more of Buderim’s fascinating history using the drop down menu at the top of the page

The Little Train that helped build Buderim

The image of the Bullocks in front of the “Terminus” of the Buderim-Palmwoods Tramway is set near where the Buderim Swimming Pool now stands. Buderim Mountain missed out on the northbound rail line, so the pioneers decided to organise one themselves!

The small guage train ran from 1914-35, carrying goods and passengers between Buderim and Palmwoods.

One of the trains was saved fom scrap and lovingly restored by a group of history and rail enthusiasts. 

The Historic Krauss locomotive belongs back on the Mountain, as a shared public treasure, the benefits for tourism and education are enormous. Sadly this venture has been met with obstruction and the Krauss has languished, fully restored waiting to return home. Plans are now well underway to display the Krauss in the heart of the Buderim Village.

Over the past 150+ years, the fertile slopes have served as a timber-getter’s resource and then as farmland where sugarcane, bananas, citrus and even award winning coffee was grown.

When the Buderim Tramway opened up the region, Buderim was seen as a resort centre for Brisbanites and “Southerners” from the late 1800’s up to the middle of the 20th century.

A few of the original homesteads and accommodation manors are still hidden about the place, but most have long gone.


“Ryhope” was built by pioneering family the Lindsays, the home was reportedly moved to somewhere near Toowoomba, but the the street is named in its honour.

A Taste of Buderim 

For many decades, the name Buderim has been synonymous with Ginger.

Australia’s only ginger factory was set right in the heart of the Village, operating a strong and famous business, preparing and exporting ginger products across the globe.

When the Ginger Factory moved away to Yandina, the premises became a very successful market with extraordinary views across the southern slopes. Finally it was sold and a controversial Woolworths shopping hub built in its place, locking away the views forever.

So, who are the Buderim website webmasters?

This website is owned and operated by a Buderim family. Our roots go back to the 1980’s, visiting our retired parents who discovered this special place before the internet was a “thing.”

We moved here and chose to be active in our community organisations, including the BWMCA, Community Carols, Chamber of Commerce, Buderim Scouts and Buderim Lions. 

This is first Buderim website with a demonstrated commitment to putting real value for Buderim first for almost 20 years.  Our site’s work for interests of community has been recognised by community groups and rewarded by Google for most Buderim related searches.

You are invited to make the most of our 100% pure Buderim web site, to help gain an understanding of the special nature of our home.

You can buy advertising space on this site and put your business in a tasteful ad, before the thousands of visitors each month.

Some time ago, our original Buderim web site content (developed over almost 10 years) was donated in a whole new package to the the BWMCA along with the community domain name buderim.qld.au. This was to help our Buderim community organisation, gain real traction on the web.

Our Buderim website’s single ambitious aim is to create a combined web presence worthy of Buderim by:

Enhancing the community-support efforts of the BWMCA
Providing a platform for visitors, tourists and residents to discover more of this place.
Giving to businesses of Buderim Village and all of Greater Buderim, an opportunity to showcase their goods and services.
Being a place for Buderimites to communicate socially 

This site is an ongoing challenge and some elements are more successful than others. We do hope you enjoy our work and welcome your feedback.