Buderim Community Carols  Dec 10 2016

It’s a Buderim Family Tradition ~ come along and have a great time!

Buderim Community Carols by Candle light is being held at the new park “Buderim Village Park” on King Street Buderim – Entry is via a gold coin donation.

Kids, parents, grand-parents! Everyone is invited to this much loved, heart warming, Buderim Christmas event. From Jingle Bells to Hark the Herald Angels,  enjoy a good old fashioned singalong with the community.



If there is one event which galvanises the community and family nature of Buderim, it is the Carols by Candle Light. This has been running for over a decade, at first an event held by local businesses, then by private residents with St. Marks Church and now through the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA).

There was a terrible period for 3 years, where the rain has washed out the event, as the Buderim summers have gone from dry to wet.  So the organisers are always wary of the weather! Now the back up plan is to hold a smaller event in the Memorial Hall, should inclement weather spoil the outdoors staging.

The Carols are basically a great big community singalong, where you bring a picnic blanket, the family and join friends and neighbours in traditional Carolling. The traditional candles have given way to safer glow sticks and toys, on sale to entertain the young and young-at-heart; Santa makes an appearance and it really adds to the spirit of the season.

The Carols have evolved and changed over the years as different groups and committees have undertaken the duties, stay tuned here to Buderim’s website for more news about this year’s event, when it is made available.

Carols Coord. Andrew Butterworth (Chair)
[email protected]  0410 173 778

Buderim Carols by Candlelight