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100% pure Buderim Mountain 

Spread across the top of the volcanic plateau and down the escarpment, the famous town on Buderim Mountain has recently celebrated 150 years of community spirit since settlement in 1862. Buderim is in fact, the oldest established European settlement on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Despite being only 590 feet (180m) at the highest point and technically under the official height of a mountain, the plateau has been known as Buderim Mountain from the early days and the Public School carries the full title in its name. Anyone who spends time here will see that Buderim is a special place, from the busy CBD (known locally as Buderim Village), to the secret green forest getaways which grace the slopes . . . it is not hard to see why so many people  fall in love with this place!  

The Buderim Old Post Office info centre


What sets this regional centre apart, is the thriving sense of community, driven to a large extent by the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA). This organisation is extensively covered in this site and is represented on the other community web site of Buderim.
Why is it called “Buderim”? The original inhabitant’s used their Gabi Gabi language to call the plateau “Baddaram” (pronounced Ba Juram) which literally means “place of the Hairpin Honeysuckle Banksia”. The name was adapted to be Buderim by the early white settlers. Buderim is most famous for Buderim Ginger but it also has a rich history on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Over the past 150 years the fertile slopes have served as a timber-getter’s resource and then as farmland where sugarcane, bananas, citrus and even award winning coffee was grown. For decades through the 1800′s and early 1900′s, Buderim was seen as a resort centre for Brisbanites and “Southerners” from the late 1800′s up to the middle of the 20th century. There are a few of the original homesteads still hidden about the place, but most have long gone.

These days the farms have succumbed to urban development and tree-felling is a long forgotten memory, yet this small town remains one of Queensland’s most desirable lifestyle centres for tourists and locals. At one stage it was in Queensland’s top four “sea-change” destinations, with urban developments latching onto the name “Buderim” in areas never traditionally considered to actually be Buderim.

Here on the 100% Buderim web site, we offer you a chance to discover the secrets, including where to take the family for a picnic, catch up with the girls over a cuppa before fashion-shopping, where to park, the places to have a wedding and so much more. There is even a Market place online where you can buy, sell and tell using our Buderim-specific online classifieds. The feed from our community Facebook page appears on the right side of the site, feel free to click through and drop us a line.

we luv buderimSo, who are the webmasters? This web site and associated Buderim Directory sites are owned and operated by a Buderim family. We are very involved in our local community and cannot get enough of the place or the people. We invite you to make the most of this true Buderim web site, to gain an understanding of the special nature of our home. 

The original Buderim web site content (developed over almost 10 years) was donated in a whole new package to the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA) under the community domain name .

After this point Buderim Community Web Project was developed. 

This ambitious plan’s single aim is to create a combined web presence worthy of Buderim by:

  • Enhancing the community-support efforts of the BWMCA
  • Providing a platform for visitors, tourists and residents to discover more of this place.
  • Give businesses of Buderim Village and all of Greater Buderim, an opportunity to showcase their goods and services.
  • Be a place for Buderimites to communicate socially and even sell their stuff to others in the local area.

We do hope you enjoy our work and welcome your feedback.

Please help us by using the site and letting us know what you want!

Are we serving you properly?   Use the contact form (click contact at the top of the page) and let us know what you would like to see on the site or  if you have any problems using the site.

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Let's keep the business in Buderim visit their site

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Let's keep the business in Buderim visit their site

Buderim Village Live

Burnett Street Traffic Cam

Buderim on Facebook

Work on Burnett Street at the Lions Park crossing is proving to be a massive disruptor to school traffic. A worker told us it will take around a week to complete, so if you can avoid the top of Burnett..

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August 2nd from 7PM – Sleep in your car for homeless youth! Raise money for a great cause check the details here http://fusionsunshinecoast.org.au/activities-programs/sleep-in-your-car-fundraising-appeal/

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We pasted the home page copy from http://www.buderim.com into the web site “wordle” and got this groovy piece of random word art :-)

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Proudly Supporting Buderim and Team Adem

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Team Adem | Official Adem Crosby Site

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Where are the schools? Is there a Uniting Church in Buderim? Where should the relo's stay when they visit? Where can you take a friend for a romantic getaway?

Find it all and more right here on Buderim's own web site. Our resources will show what's going on and where it's at in Buderim, see all of the sights before visiting them in person!

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